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As a fee-only registered investment adviser, it is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need while upholding a fiduciary standard of care. 


We do not receive any commissions or transaction-based fees, which allows us to deliver advice that serves your best interests. There’s a lot of technical jargon in this industry, and we want to make sure the solutions we create are easy to understand so you can also apply our insights throughout your day-to-day life.The way in which your financial professional is compensated can make all the difference in the recommendations they make for you. That’s because some financial professionals work under different standards of care. As a registered investment adviser, The Berry Group works under fiduciary standard that requires that we consider what is in our clients’ best interest throughout the entire relationship, not just during the initial recommendation.  

There are also different ways that financial professionals are compensated. The primary ways that financial professionals are compensated include:

  • A commission-based model where clients pay transaction fees for each trade
  • A fee-based model where clients pay either an asset-based, flat or hourly fee for advice

Some financial professionals receive both commissions and fees depending on the individual needs of their clients, which provides them with an incentive to make recommendations that provide them with the most compensation and encourage you to trade often.
Fee-Only advisers like The Berry Group do not receive any transaction-based compensation. Our interests are aligned with yours: our compensation increases as your account grows.